Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keep our fingers cross.

Try to get a deal with Linda Ziegler - a producer of Crayon the movie - for those who doesnt know this film. You are really not Malaysian enough =D because this film is made by Malaysian and been on the list of eligible movies competing for the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars.But im disappointed with the cinema and our media industry because they dont show and publish the film in a very long term.

By the way.this is our roughly draft about our project.

Date : 17 Mac 2011 (TBC)
Time : 8.00 till 11.00 pm
Place : Bilik Tayangan FINAS UKM, (TBC)(But still in UKM)
Objective of the project : 
1) To let the audience know about our local film (Crayon) and to give the audience the meaning of media literation.
2) To let the audience knows how to critic and appreciate any films.
3) To inform the audience that Crayon is among the greatest film that been made by 
local industry.